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Our Construction Process

Are you in the market for a finished basement that serves as the perfect extension to your home for any purpose you desire? Or are you wanting to remodel part or all of your current living area, such as your kitchen, bath or whole home?

Then follow along with this step by step process we use for each of our projects.

Initial Contact

When you initially contact us, our founder Rick Ellefson will schedule your free evaluation and consultation.

In Home Inspection and Consultation

During your first appointment, Rick will meet with you to gain a thorough and full understanding of your vision and needs for the space, including your intended use, initial ideas, and any other input you have.

Rick will then discuss with you his suggestions, your options, and how the space should most efficiently be utilized, along with how it should flow with the rest of the house. For example, with basement finishing projects, it’s important to make the basement look and feel like an additional level of the house, not just a finished basement.

At this point, Rick will then provide you a competitively priced project estimate and timeline for completion.

Preparation and Design Selection

After you sign the proposal, Rick will meet with you again to dive into your plan, project specifics, material choices, layout, paint colors and hardware selections. Of course, this process requires however much time you need to make your selections.

Feel free to present any magazine or online pics with colors, styles and materials you like.

Selections needed (if applicable) include:

  • paint colors
  • plumbing fixtures
  • lighting
  • flooring
  • counter tops
  • cabinets
  • doors
  • other necessary selections

Cleaning and Construction Prep

Prior to construction, the space needs to be cleared out and prepared. Dust will accumulate during construction so in order to preserve your furniture and things, it’s best to get it out of the area.

If you have a lot of stuff that needs to be moved, there are several options, such as renting a POD or storage space, or simply moving everything to another area of the home.

Measuring and Other Housekeeping Items

During this meeting the plan dimensions will be verified and we’ll confirm any other preparations, like how our crew will be accessing the house, construction scheduling, etc.

At this point, we’ll finalize plans for construction and request your approval of the plan before construction.

Construction and Changes

Now the fun part begins—construction. You will receive a detailed construction schedule and weekly updates throughout construction.

Rick will be on site with close contact to you throughout the project. There will be lots of daily progress and you’ll be able to see your home or basement transformation moving quickly.

We’ll clean up the job site daily and you won’t see a mess at the end of the day.

Final Finishes and Details

After construction, we take care of all the little finishing touches and details that really bring your project to a close.

Examples include:

  • Paint coverage
  • Are the lighting fixtures installed well and working properly?
  • Hardware installation
  • Any flaws in the windows or doors?
  • Do the windows and doors function perfectly?
  • Any scratches in the cabinets or countertops?
  • Any other possible flaws or overlooked details that need attention?

Final Walk Through

At this stage, Rick will join you for a walk through of the project to explain how mechanical items work, and any other items you should be aware of.

Lastly, we’ll come to an agreement that all items in the contract are completed to your complete satisfaction.

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