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Welcome to Our New and Improved Website!

GTmetrix performance report for RTP Construction

The user experience for our highly valued visitors just doesn’t get any better!

Welcome to the new and much improved website here at RTP Construction! We’ve decided to upgrade from Squarespace to WordPress, the gold standard of website platforms.

Our goal is to improve traffic to the site, be found by many more prospective customers, and help a lot more people make their home improvement dreams a reality.

Below we’ve listed some of the most prominent website features that will benefit you, our visitors. ↓

Lightning Fast Page Loads

Nothing is more annoying than viewing a website that takes forever to load new pages!

That’s why we’ve decided to use one of the highest performing WordPress themes available! Every page on this site loads in less than a second—even on mobile browsers which are much slower than laptop and desktop browsers.

Check out the 0.7 second “fully loaded time” figure from this GTmetrix website performance report screenshot in the featured image of this post above. ↑ Considering the average site loads in 7 seconds (according to GTmetrix), our site loads 10X faster than average.

We know how much you can appreciate this!

Mobile First Design

As internet usage continues to gravitate toward mobile devices over desktop computers (currently 60% of website traffic and growing), our new mobile-first design is specifically focused on the highest percentage of internet users, rather than the other way around like most local service business websites today.

If you’re on a mobile phone now, you can see the content is just as easy to consume on a mobile phone as a laptop of desktop computer. No matter what device you’re on, your browsing experience is as good as it gets!

Horizontal Scrolling Navigation

Most websites feature a wonky “hamburger” menu on mobile viewports that are usually unnoticed by visitors. But even if you’re familiar with hamburger menus, every time you visit a new page, the entire screen is covered up by a navigation overlay. I’m sure you’ve experienced how annoying this is!

By contrast, our new website navigation features horizontal scrolling that mimics your iPhone and other mobile apps you’re already used to. No covering up the entire screen with a mobile navigation that interrupts your browsing experience.

Distraction Free, Single Column Layout

Too many websites these days just confuse visitors and don’t allow easy retrieval of information they were promised before landing on the site.

We’ve eliminated this possibility with a centered, single column layout which offers a distraction free, uncluttered viewing experience. Everything you’re looking for is front and center without the confusion.

Golden Ratio Typography

Have you ever seen a website with textual content that’s easier to consume than this? Probably not. That’s because our new WordPress theme has Golden Ratio Typography baked right in.

What the heck is GRT?

GRT offers perfect typography with optimal font size, line height, and even characters per line (CPL)—all optimized for the width of the screen you’re viewing the site with.

🤝 Now, Come Back and Visit Us Again! 🤙

Just to conclude, we’d like to thank you for visiting the new site and we hope you’ve enjoyed the superior user experience we’ve described above.

Just make sure you come back again and catch up on all your favorite home care tips and information we’ll post to this blog regularly.

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